United Talent Staffing Services opens locally

PARKERSBURG – An established staffing company with locations in other parts of West Virginia has set up an office in Parkersburg.

United Talent Staffing Services opened its newest office at 1223 Garfield Ave. this past week.

“We are in Charleston, Hurricane, Morgantown and now Parkersburg,” said President Bradford L. Sims. “We have been doing a little bit of business here in town with some of the clients we share in some of the other locations.

“Now we have a physical address here and we can do a better job of recruiting and having the staff our clients need. We are open for business.”

With the opening of the Parkersburg office, United Talent sales representatives were going around to local companies and other businesses to let them know what United Talent was offering and taking orders.

“We do traditional staffing,” Sims said. “We do general staffing, temporary staffing, permanent placements, direct hires, executive recruitment and temp-to-hire.

They provide clerical positions or light industrial positions for a number of companies.

“That can be any type of business that can use that, a coal company that needs a secretary or a manufacturing facility that has light industrial needs that we can service.”

The company recruits workers from the local area where an office is located so the people are nearby and can come to the office for an interview. The company advertises, attends job fairs, posts on online job boards and has a website. People sent them resumes.

“We are in those venues looking for qualified candidates,” Sims said.

United Talent was founded in 1967 and is based in Charleston.

“We are a West Virginia based company,” Sims said. “We are the state’s oldest and largest independent staffing company.”

Sims said they have a proven process in matching workers with companies that has led to their success over the years.

“There are 7-8 staffing companies in Parkersburg,” Sims said. “We are all fishing from the same pond.

“That puts the focus on the company to set themselves apart as far as their screening techniques and finding the right candidates for the positions. We have been in business since the 60s and we think we have found a successful process in being able to match up the right skills with the right jobs.”

Stacie Klishis, the Morgantown Branch Manager, said they picked Parkersburg because of the growing needs of companies in this part of the state.

“I think there is a lot of business up here in Parkersburg,” she said. “A lot of the business we have already done, people are excited to have a new staffing agency in the area that they can turn to for all of their clerical and light industrial needs. I am pretty excited.”

Klishis is originally from the Parkersburg area and knows a lot about the area and how United Talent can serve it.

“It seems like we get more orders further and further up Route 50,” she said. “It just makes sense for us to branch out and cover from Parkersburg to Clarksburg.

“We now have that area nailed down.”

United Talent can provide workers for medical offices, dental offices, local colleges/universities, legal offices as well as light industrial facilities.

They have been going around the Parkersburg and Marietta area looking for possible companies to work with.

“We want to be as successful here as in our other locations,” Klishis said. “We want to let everyone know that we are out there and we can do short notice things and the long term assignments.

“Not only do we do entry level positions, but we do the upper end human resources managers, warehouse managers, IT specialists and more. It is a one-stop shop for people needing folks.”

Klishis said around 90 percent of the people we have placed lead to full time employment.

Even if it is a temporary assignment, they have seen their people make a good impression and, in a number of cases, end up finding a permanent spot with the employer.

Sims said they look at an employer so they know they are making a good match with a placement.

“I think we do a good job at looking at the culture and the environment that we are going to be putting someone in and finding folks who will be comfortable in those positions and the employers will be comfortable with the people we place,” he said.

Klishis said they find out what the position entails. They also interview and test applicants to make sure they can do what they say they can do in their resumes.

“We are out there making sure it is safe so we know the people we send will be a good fit,” she said. “We learn everything about the position before they even set foot on the property.

“We try to get them the best person. We want to make sure it is the right fit.”