U.S. intervention in Syria opposed by some locally

PARKERSBURG – As government leaders debate whether the United States should be involved in the Syrian Civil War after a government chemical attack on civilians, some Mid-Ohio Valley residents surveyed Wednesday said they think the answer is to say no to intervention.

Joe Handlan of Parkersburg said if the U.S. does intervene in Syria, then it must be an all-out move.

“I think it’s a good thing if we go all-out,” he said. “If we just do a half way job then I think it’s unfair to the guys we send and unfair to the Syrians.

“There’s no need for it to last 10 years, get the job done.”

Handlan said the Syrian people are fighting to change their country.

“What they are doing is they know the Syrian leadership is wrong,” he said. “I saw the pictures of those kids in that school; it makes you want to rip somebody’s throat out.”

Christian Cronin of Parkersburg said he thinks the situation in Syria is a sad thing; he does not think any country should intervene.

Cronin said he will join the U.S. Marines soon and said he is willing to go where ordered.

“What’s going on there is messed up; it’s sad,” he said. “At the same time we shouldn’t go around and put our nose in other people’s business, so to speak; we are not the world’s police.”

Cronin said how the rest of the world will react should be considered.

“It’s not worth making other countries upset about it and start a World War III type of thing,” he said. “We need to get our country fixed first before we go around and try to fix everyone else.”

Jordan Doak of Parkersburg agreed with Cronin’s statement about needing to concentrate on domestic issues.

“I think we have too many problems here in the United States,” she said. “It’s just going to start another fight. It’s a waste of time, I think, I really do.

“I think we are sticking our nose in something we do not need to stick our noses in. How they want to go into it, it’s just completely wrong.”

Jelisa Brown of Belpre also said she thought the U.S. should stay out.

“I don’t believe in war – period.”

“We should keep our noses to ourselves,” said Nicole Blankenship of Parkersburg. “Our government should worry about what’s going on in our country first.”

“I don’t understand the whole situation but I don’t believe we need to be there.”

Nita Blankenship of Waverly agreed with her.

“I’ve seen it on the news but I don’t understand everything about it,” she said. “It’s not our business.”

“How do we know one of our missiles wouldn’t hit where they store that poison,” said Max Doolittle of Parkersburg. “It would spread even more.”

“I would say we need to leave all the other countries alone,” said one man who would only identify himself as Daniel. “They have been fighting for generations and generations.

“If we’d just worry about our own people here in the U.S. and fix our own financial problems then we can work on other’s problems.”

A couple who declined to give their names said they did not think it was the place of the United States to be involved alone and the money it would take should be spent at home.

“In reference to specific cuts in education budgets and infrastructure, that money would be better spent on that,” he said. “We could accomplish more.”

“I don’t think we should unless more of the world would get behind it,” she said.