Murder mystery gets chilling take

New York Times bestselling author Nancy Bush follows Detective September Rafferty on a case that hits close to home in “Nowhere Safe.”

September gets the call about an unusual case – a man tied to a flagpole out in front of the school where he works wearing only a plaque reading, “I want what I can’t have.” The man in question turns out to be her ex-stepbrother, Stefan. He won’t talk much about the case, is it a prank gone wrong or something worse? September must investigate a former case to figure out the connection. Meanwhile, there is a killer targeting specific men for a specific reason – she knows what evil lies in their hearts. And she will stop at nothing to stop them…

With the dual perspectives of the investigating cop and the vigilante killer, as well as one of the vigilante’s prey, this book keeps the tension high until the very last page. Fans of Bush will not be disappointed.

“Nowhere Safe” is published by Zebra. It is $7.99 and 379 pages long.


New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong starts a new series in “Omens.”

Olivia Taylor-Jones has been living a wealthy life as the daughter of a prominent Chicago family. Doing volunteer work and engaged to handsome, equally wealthy man with political aspirations, it looks like she has it made. Until one day, everything goes away, including her identity.

It is leaked that Olivia is not her parents’ natural daughter – she is adopted. And her birth parents are notorious serial killers, Todd and Pamela Larsen.

Even though her mother supposedly already knew this, her reaction is less motherly than Olivia expected. Her mother flees to Europe to get away from the press and doesn’t want Olivia staying in her home. And Olivia’s fiance is suddenly wanting to postpone the wedding. Hurt and betrayed by those she loved, Olivia tries to make it on her own, by finding her own job and apartment. But circumstance seem to direct her to the small town of Cainsville. There, Olivia somehow finds an apartment and a job in quick order, and even acceptance from the townspeople. Is it small town friendliness or something else entirely? Meanwhile, her birth mother’s last lawyer, Gabriel Walsh, comes to her about her mother and the case against her. Finally agreeing to speak to her mother, Olivia finds herself digging into the evidence of the last murder and starts to question everything. Did her birth parents really do it? Is there something about Olivia that has brought her to town?

Armstrong’s last series, Women of the Otherworld, was solid paranormal romance, and this series, while there is a bit of both of those elements playing in the background, this is a solid thriller/mystery. Armstrong is the master of creating sympathetic but strong female protagonists, and she continues to do so with Olivia. While completely different from her last series, fans will definitely enjoy this well-written thriller.

“Omens” is published by Dutton. It is $26.95 and 486 pages long.

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