Wait for the facts on Syria

The current administration is making a very serious rush to judgment concerning Syria and the use of chemical weapons. Because of these actions, the nation is brought to the brink of war once more.

U.N. investigators have just only begun to sift through the evidence on this attack. The administration is putting it out there that it had to be Assad and his troops as the responsible party for this heinous attack. I am wondering how they have come to this conclusion with no evidence. Those of us paying attention know that both sides have these weapons. In May of this year, Turkish military seized 2 kg of Sarin from “rebel” fighters from al Nusra Front. This gas was known to be designated for bombs. So, who is to say which side committed this attack with no evidence?

The last thing our great nation needs is to jump into another military action that may not be justified. I hope that we have grown more as a country since the invasion of Iraq. I would also hope that the voices of opposition for action in Iraq are not silenced by the fact that it is “their” guy in the White House. This is not about party line, but about right and wrong.

I do think that action should be taken against any faction that is willing to use chemical weapons. I also think that we should not rush to judgment on the source of the gas. I find it very troubling that Secretary of State John Kerry bases his evidence on a video on YouTube and the media is quick, once again, to play lap dog to this administration.

Jay Owens