Masons donate time for new stadium sidewalks

PARKERSBURG – Members of the Plasterers and Cement Masons Local 926 donated their labor Saturday for construction of a new sidewalk as part of the Stadium Field renovation project.

Charlie Metz, a member of Local 926, said 10 cement finishers turned out to donate their time for the project Saturday morning, something the members do for a variety of community projects.

“Whenever a park needs some concrete poured they call me, I just gather some of them and we do it for them for nothing,” Metz said. “We do a lot, we poured concrete for a school bus stop shelter on the south side, we donated our time to pour this just like any other project.”

Metz said the project was done in a day.

“They are all trained in this and many are Parkersburg High School graduates,” he said.

Metz said the masons in are demand locally.

“I’ve got 30-some men and I haven’t got one that is not busy,” he said. “All of them are working, we have a lot of work to do.”

Ryan Taylor, of Pickering Associates, the engineer of the Stadium Field project, said the sidewalk poured Saturday measures 300 feet by eight feet.

“This sidewalk is 2,400 square feet and the cement is six inches thick,” he said.

Metz said the members do this to do something for the community.

“We walk away empty-handed, knowing we helped out Parkersburg High School,” he said. “We also helped out all of Parkersburg.”

Construction and fundraising efforts are continuing, with organizers hoping to have the stadium ready for use by Sept. 20.