The point of no return

I have been observing presidents since Herbert Hoover, and I have never seen one who has the windiest mouth, not to say anything until now. How long will the American people allow this president to spread his lies, call the death of our people “phoney,” get by with personally breaking laws he has signed?

Attorney General Holder lied under oath. Why has he not been brought to account? Lerner invokes the Fifth. Why has she not been brought to testify? Hillary Clinton has lied before Congress. Why has she not been called to testify about Benghazi? Where was the president the night of Benghazi? I know where he was the next day. He flew to Las Vegas to pick up some loot. The first thing he said was, “I want to say a few words about Benghazi,” with four men laying dead in Libya.

Not one Muslim has spoken out against 9-11 and many other attacks, and now they are planning a 1 million man march on Washington to show our abuse of them.

Where is Boehner? He plans to block the continuing resolution and give in. What a tragedy that only 5 percent of the population worry about this massive debt. It’s all OK as long as welfare keeps rolling in. And do they care that we are paying $50,000 per second in interest? That we are $17 trillion in debt, $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities is alarming to only 5 percent?

Why not close the Oval Office? There’s no golf courses in there and it’s never used. “Throw the bums out” is not an idle statement. Start with the Supreme Court, a political group with 5 to 4 decisions. A group now known as the “extreme court.” How dare our Constitution provide lifetime political appointments to the biased group.

Unless we awaken and change our course, we will, very soon, if not already, pass the point of no return.

Ivy Yoak