Out of sight, out of mind

Recently almost all of Fourth Avenue was paved, which was long overdue as it has been several years and the road has seen many patches. I was glad to see my block paved as well as a few others, but one block was skipped, which it shouldn’t have been. It makes sense to skip a section of road if it’s in good condition, but this section was not. In fact, a day after the rest of the road was paved, a crew came out and patched holes in the skipped section.

Does it make any sense for the city to have skipped this small section when, first of all, it needed done just as badly as the rest of the road, and, second, when they could have had the full road paved and crossed of the list for several years to come. All the side roads were paved nice, which was long overdue as well, but why this one section ignored.

It’s frustrating for me driving the road every day, but for the citizens that live on that block it’s a joke because they pay taxes, too, and it’s not fair. This road has been ignored so much through the years even after requests to the city and this is just one more thing to add to the list. You have heard the phrase “out of sight out of mind?” Well that is exactly what happens with Fourth Avenue when it’s not one of the main roads in town and hidden away from most drivers.

Roads should never be ignored and common sense has to play out with road projects. The city needs to have the paving company come back and finish this strip of road and make it right.

Danny Coull