Founding Fathers weren’t perfect

This is in reference to Robert L. Peters, whose letter appeared in the Aug. 18 paper. Our Founding Fathers were not perfect, either. You can buy a copy of the Jefferson Bible today in book stores, or from Amazon. In his day, black men were emasculated, black women wee forced to become convenient sexual objects for church-going southern white men, including Jefferson, who also owned over 200 slaves.

As for John Adams, his view of religion overall was rather ambivalent. He recognized the abuses, large and small, that religious belief lends itself to. His extensive reading of the classics led him to believe this view applied to all religions. He was a Congregationalist/Unitarian, but he rejected many doctrines of Christianity, such as the divinity of Jesus.

Benjamin Franklin, that old, witty Founding Father, felt religion was worthless unless it promoted virtuous behavior. He said Jesus was the greatest moral teacher who ever lived, but he was not God. He had little tolerance for theological squabbles often associated with organized religion. He rewrote the Lord’s Prayer so that it was more suitable for “contemporary” readers. I have seen several documentaries depicting this old rascal womanizing various women on his many journeys to France. By the way, he was married.

As so, many of our own representatives and leaders have not been perfect, including our Founding Fathers. But they did set up a free country for us; I don’t think intending for all of us to think alike or believe the same. I feel very fortunate to live in a free country and this was only by chance. Did Mr. Peters have any input as to what country he was to be born in? Of course, it isn’t perfect here and he is as free as anyone to gripe and whine about our many situations because he is indeed free to do so.

Marsha Webster