Stop just saying ‘no’

A recent letter writer was very negative regarding Obamacare. I would then question why the Republicans didn’t work with President Obama and come up with a better plan instead of just complaining and saying “no.” And he didn’t mention the Republicans thought of this plan first and Gov. Romney introduced this plan in Massachusetts where it is doing very well. The Republicans have never explained why this was a good health care plan until President Obama introduced it and then suddenly it was no good.

Gov. Kasich wanted to take advantage of an Obamacare option that expands Medicaid to cover thousands of the working poor that cannot afford health insurance, but the Republicans would have none of it. Young people are now able to stay on their parents’ health insurance a little longer. Women are able to get better care and coverage for contraception. Of course, there are those that will be required to buy health insurance that complain that they are healthy and don’t need it – until they get in an accident or get sick and the rest of us foot the bill. No one is saying Obamacare is perfect, but it will help a lot of people stay healthy.

Yes, the “government” steps in to make sure hospitals and doctors don’t overcharge us for office visits and procedures when it is a government program, thank goodness. Those without health insurance continue to pay the most very often resulting in bankruptcy. And while the VA is able to negotiate lower prescription drug prices, the rest of us are not so lucky. Other countries bargain with the drug companies for lower prices, but Congress exempted Medicare from such negotiations and we continue to pay dearly for our medications.

I believe in the government programs of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other programs that help the poor. And I believe in the government programs that protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the medications we take. Those who fight for less regulation of these important programs are terribly misguided.

Carol Lazear Mitchell