Parkersburg PD not part of crash team investigation

PARKERSBURG – Officials say the investigation into a collision between a police cruiser and a civilian vehicle is ongoing.

The collision occurred after 10 a.m. Thursday in the 3400 block of Murdoch Avenue. Officials said Parkersburg High School Prevention Resource Officer Dan Miller was responding to a call for assistance from an officer involved in a foot chase when Miller’s cruiser struck a Grand Am.

The collision caused heavy front end damage to the cruiser and heavy rear end damage to the Grand Am. Miller suffered head trauma and was taken to Camden Clark Medical Center.

Chief Deputy Shawn Graham with the Wood County Sheriff’s Department confirmed Friday the civilian driver was Kevin Allman, 35, of Parkersburg. Graham said he did not know the extent of Allman’s injuries, but said he was treated and released Thursday.

Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin confirmed Friday Miller was treated and released from the hospital Thursday.

Wood County Prosecutor Jason Wharton said Friday he had not yet received reports on the incident from the Wood County Crash Team. Wharton said the investigating officers include Wood County deputies, a state trooper and officers from Vienna Police Department.

Wharton said all Parkersburg Police Department officers have been removed from the investigation.

“That is our standard protocol in these kinds of situations,” to remove a department from an investigation which involves an officer from that department, he said. “We’ve excluded everyone from the Parkersburg Police Department in this case.”

Additional details on the accident were not available Friday, and Wharton said he does not yet have a timeline on when more information might be released.