Smelling the money

Hats off to Ms. Beidler for her questioning the clandestine operations of the foreign drilling companies invading Southeastern Ohio. As residents of this area, we are certainly entitled to know what is going on and what we should be aware of in case of emergencies.

A good example to fortify Ms. Beidler’s demand for information is when I called a Texas oil drilling company to inquire as to what they were dumping in the Ohio River. I did not make it past a receptionist before the aggressive/defensive screaming started. She said there was absolutely no dumping in the Ohio River by their company. Nor were they violating any state laws.

I guess I did not copy the information properly that was on the vehicle doing the dumping. Nor did the Internet give me the right number for their Texas office.

I was schooled in business to “watch the money trail.” If you do that you will, no doubt, discover who are the power brokers in Ohio controlling the attitude toward drillers from out of state. The test holes drilled in Sardis and Macksburg performed beyond expectations making property leases much more valuable.

The people of Southeastern Ohio are going to be making money from leases and production. They do not want that disturbed. Business in the area will make profits from the influx of cash to the landowner. They do not want that disturbed. Everyone is going to look to the state legislature as the responsible party to protect them and the influx of cash they are going to receive.

Bottom line: No one really cares because they are all smelling the money.

William A. Ruggieri

New Matamoras, Ohio