Stull serving as substitute principal at Martin

PARKERSBURG – Martin Elementary next week will open the new school year with a substitute principal at the helm.

Rosemary Stull is serving as substitute principal at Martin Elementary, and Wood County Schools Superintendent Pat Law said principal Karen Brady is “on assignment.”

The Wood County Board of Education met Thursday night to act on the superintendent’s recommendation Brady be demoted to a teaching position. Board members instead tabled the recommendation, Law said.

“The meeting did not follow the path we anticipated,” Law said. “The board tabled my motion while the parties are looking at other options.”

Law said Thursday’s meeting was attended by Wood County Prosecutor Jason Wharton, Greg Bailey of the law firm of Bowles Rice and Bill Merriman, Brady’s attorney.

Law said the board opened the meeting and promptly recessed for about 45 minutes while opposing attorneys negotiated. The board reconvened and tabled the recommendation on the endorsement of Bailey with Merriman in agreement.

“We will continue discussion to reach a settlement that the board would ultimately have to approve,” Law said.

Law declined to provide background on Brady’s service and tenure in the school system.

Brady has served as principal at Martin Elementary for about five years. She previously served as an assistant principal at Edison Middle School until 2008.

Stull has been at Martin for about a week. She previously served as principal at Worthington Elementary.

Classes in Wood County start Thursday.