Newspaper now taking recipes for cookbook

PARKERSBURG – It’s that time of year again.

Cooks of the Mid-Ohio Valley are invited to submit recipes for publication in the 59th annual Parkersburg News and Sentinel and Marietta A.M. Cookbook.

Recipes submitted in accordance with the following rules are eligible to win prizes, including the grand prize of a $500 gift card from Foodland.

“We are very excited to partner with The News and Sentinel, and I would like to remind everyone that Foodland is where dinner begins,” said Foodland owner Jim Oppe.

The deadline for entering the contest is Sept. 16. The annual cookbook edition will be published Nov. 24, the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

When this contest began, there weren’t any categories. In fact, it took nearly 25 years before entries were divided into three courses: soups and salads, main dishes and desserts. That was expanded to five categories in 1973. This year there are seven categories, thus giving more cooks the opportunity to participate.

Categories for 2013 are:

* Appetizers

* Soups

* Salads

* Breads

* Main dishes

* Holiday cookies

* Desserts

To win prizes, you must follow these rules:

1. Each contestant may enter no more than a total of 25 recipes, up to five recipes in each of five categories. This means you MAY NOT enter ALL categories, but must select your favorite five. Make sure to note what category (or categories) you are entering and count your entries before sending them in. If you send more than five recipes in any one category or enter more than five categories NONE of your recipes will be entered into competition.

2. Recipes must be typed or printed legibly, one entry per page. Every entry must contain your name, address and telephone number. If we cannot contact you, you cannot win. At the top of each page, give the category the recipe is being entered in and the name of the recipe.

Every recipe is retyped by members of our staff. It is important that we be able to clearly read the measurements, ingredients and directions. It is also important we are able to identify and contact you.

3. Read your recipes through before sending, or even better, have someone else read them to make sure they are complete. Be sure to include pan size, temperature and length of cooking time.

DO NOT say “put in oven and cook until done.” DO SAY “put in 350-degree oven for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.” DO NOT say “put in pan and cook.” DO SAY “put in medium saucepan over medium heat for 10-12 minutes, stirring occasionally.”

Only give brand names if necessary to the success of the dish, but if purchased ingredients are used, be sure to give package size. For example: DO NOT say “add one box JELL-O pudding.” DO SAY “add one 4-oz. box instant pudding mix.”

Remember, readers will be trying to duplicate your dishes at home, so make it a pleasant experience for them by making your recipes easy to read and directions easy to follow.

4. Recipes may be emailed to The same rules apply: one recipe per message, with the category, name of recipe and complete contact information (name, address, phone number) on each. The recipe MUST be in the body of the email, NOT an attachment. Email messages with attachments will be returned.

5. Recipes may be dropped off at The Parkersburg News and Sentinel office at 519 Juliana St., Parkersburg, or mailed to Cookbook Editor, The Parkersburg News and Sentinel, P.O. Box 1788, Parkersburg, WV 26102.

6. Recipes must be postmarked (or email messages timestamped) no later than midnight Sept. 16. No late submissions will be accepted.

7. If selected as a finalist, you must be available to attend the Tasting Party on Oct. 23. Complete details will be provided after finalists are chosen.