Running with a broken bone can be a painful experience

EDITOR’S NOTE: Cecil Chapman, a 49-year-old Parkersburg resident, is one of more than 100 persons participating in the weekly training session for the Aug. 17 News and Sentinel Half Marathon.

Chapman is employed by the Wood County Board of Education as a teacher’s aide.

A former race walker, Chapman began running in January 2012 and ran last year’s half marathon.

Chapman has agreed to write a weekly diary of his efforts to train for the Aug. 20 race. This is his recap of the Aug. 5 training session

Well it’s hard to believe it is just two weeks until the half marathon.

Today was our 7-mile training run/walk.

The weather was cooperative today, 73 degrees, no humidity , and overcast. What a great day to train. Lou Molinaro and Chip Allman gave the normal talks, course route and water stops.

I want to say at this point I was running tonight with a broken bone on the top of my right foot. I wanted to see if I would be able to run 13.1 miles.

As we headed up Washington Avenue, I started running with Greg Buckley and at about a half-mile in I told him I was going to pick up my pace and see how my foot felt.

At mile 1, I was running an 8:06 pace and the foot didn’t feel too bad at that point,

I maintained the pace until the first water stop , At this point in the training, I thought I was going to be OK.

As I left the water stop I was running with Doug Cook, Bill Asbury, and Crystal Miller. I was able to stay with the group as we headed out 7th Street until about the 3.5-mile mark, when my foot started hurting. However, I was able to keep them in sight.

As I got to the last water stop, I knew I needed to take a little longer break but the runner in me said get a drink and continue.

At this point, the group had moved out of sight and my pace dropped to 8:50 per mile at the 4.5 mile mark.

As I forged ahead, I tried to pick up my pace but at about mile 5 my foot went numb.

At this point, my goal was to finish the final twomiles. As I reached mile 6, I was able to spot a few runners ahead of me.

I decided I want to try and catch a runner or two. I knew I had to pick up my pace and I did that – as I turned into City Park I had two runners in front of me.

I was close but I knew I couldn’t catch them but I was happy to finish the 7 miles with an 8:40 pace. After getting home, I had a tough decision to make run the half and do more damage or walk! I will have a decision next week! Until next week, keep running/ walking.