An unconstitutional dictate

People in the educational bureaucracy, politicians and media repeat the mantra that Common Core is the law, so live with it. Common Core Standards Initiative is not a law; it’s a well-thought-out scam.

It came about without benefit of any legislative process on the federal or state level. Congress never passed it, nor did any state legislature pass it; therefore, it cannot be a “law.” Laws are legislated, but this initiative is clearly an unconstitutional “dictate” and a scam to homogenize and federalize education.

Common Core came to the states through the back door by the National Governors Association and the Gates Foundation; neither had authority to legislate. It was deceptively and fraudulently mandated by state governors, state education departments and state boards of education in most states around the country. A few state governors saw through the con and nixed the sordid initiative and the private funding and government payoffs that went with its implementation.

West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin and the overstuffed educational bureaucracy took the money and furtively signed documentation necessary for Common Core’s ominous entrance into the State of West Virginia.

Obligatory dictates are nothing new, but increasingly, they’re used by this President to bypass Congress when it’s apparent he can’t get his leftist ideas implemented by constitutional means.

Bureaucrats tell parents that data collected on their children will not be shared outside the state and that the data are only collected to guide a child through the educational process and help educators measure their progress. How is that possible if data and student’s ID are not connected as they claim? These data will follow a child through life.

West Virginia Board of Education President Gale Manchin made the absurd and blatantly false statement that the Common Core Standards for the state were written by West Virginal teachers.

Have we not learned of the tyranny created by allowing politicians and bureaucrats to run our lives? Pity a society that relinquishes liberty if its defense becomes inconvenient or uncomfortable when ordered to follow unconstitutional mandates.

Anti-Common Core sentiment is swelling nationally. Bills to delay and/or refuse funding for Common Core have passed in several legislatures, and many other bills are pending. Join the movement and discover the truth about this destructive, illegal, collectivist scheme of federal standards and curricula. Don’t allow us to descend into an educational abyss from which our young people may never recover.

Jim Mullen