Board to hold termination hearing for employee

PARKERSBURG – The Wood County Board of Education will consider the termination of a service personnel employee in a special meeting at 6:30 p.m. today at the board administration office.

According to the agenda, board members will consider upholding the suspension imposed by school Superintendent Pat Law and consider the recommended termination of the employee.

School officials are not yet releasing the name of the employee.

“Until the board votes, they are not guilty of anything,” Law said. “To put their name out there in print puts them in the light of being guilty of something.”

Board members have been extending the suspension of several employees for many months as they work through the grievance process. Law said tonight’s hearing is a new situation.

“We have not dealt with this as a suspension before,” he said.

He said the hearing is not the result of a law enforcement investigation or criminal complaint.

The employee and the employee’s attorney have the right to a public or private hearing. That won’t be determined until just before the proceedings begin.

Law said the employee in question is a service employee working in a clerical capacity. The employee has been on suspension, with pay, since mid-July, the superintendent said.