BOE to set meal prices for school year

PARKERSBURG – Members of the Wood County Board of Education are expected to approve school meal prices for the upcoming school year at tonight’s regular meeting. Last week Beverly Blough, director of food service for Wood County Schools, told board members meal prices for the upcoming year will increase 5 cents.

Everything with the exception of milk, juice and soy milk will see a 5 cent increase, she said.

Lunch for elementary school students will cost $1.65. It will be $1.80 for middle and high school students. Breakfast for all students will cost $1.10. Second meal breakfast will cost $1.55. Second meal lunch rises to $2.20.

Blough said the increase does not apply to the reduced meal prices, which are set by the federal government. Reduced-meal breakfast remains 30 cents. Lunch is 40 cents.

There was no adjustments made to last year’s meal prices, after a 10 cent (breakfast) and 15 cent (lunch) increase for the 2011-12 school year.

About 53 percent of students in Wood County qualify for free and reduced meals, Blough said.

Earlier this year board members again rejected a schoolwide free lunch program that would have served as many as 11 schools, proposed by the USDA. Community Eligibility Option. The federal program provides schoolwide lunch programs for students. The program is to help “the working poor,” those families who are employed, but make just above the cut-off line for federal food programs.

Wood County schools typically serves more than 10,000 students a day with breakfast and lunch. Blough said last year schools served more than 400,000 breakfast meals and more than 1.3 million lunches.

Board members will also receive the annual report from RESA 5 from executive director Ralph Board.