A federally-run profession

I recently visited the doctor’s office and received a gracious welcome from Obamacare. All primary care physicians are now required to use new systems and new reporting to be in compliance with guidelines established by the new national law. This is in spite of the fact that our physicians have been able to provide quality care under the existing system.

Our primary care physicians are no longer going to be visiting their patients while they are in the hospital but rather are deferring to “hospitalists.” These folks are doctors who are employed by and work exclusively for their employer. This is per a news article I read in The Parkesburg News and Sentinel July 31.

I’ve also learned from folks in the medical profession that, as a result of Obamacare, physicians who are just beginning will be “guided” by a federal bureaucracy in determining where he or she will set up practice.

There are some who will say, “so what.” The reason for my concern is simple. We are moving from the free market to more government control over our lives – and this is a very critical part of our lives. We are now moving toward a huge government bureaucracy that will be making medical decisions rather than our own family doctor.

Our medical profession is being replaced by a federal government bureau. This bureau is not comprised of medical professionals, but rather administrators and government officials. In other words, our medical profession will be managed by the federal government. If you think having the government managing our medical profession is a good idea, you need a history lesson. Look at what a great job the federal government is doing managing the mortgage industry, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, or look at the postal service or look at the TSA and how it screens boarding passengers at our airports, and don’t forget the simply splendid job they have done in managing the money in the Social Security Administration.

Yes, our federal government does a great job in managing all these scandal-ridden, fumbling organizations that are swimming in red ink. Congratulations all you supporters of Barack Obama. You got what you asked for. Please remember to apologize to your children and grandchildren for what you have done, because you folks may have wanted Obamacare, but they are the ones who will pay for it.

Will Neff