Beverly-Center third-graders honored

These third-grade students from Beverly-Center Elementary were honored by their teachers at the school’s end of the year awards assembly:

Mrs. Tina Bohl’s class:

Top Scientist Award – Megan Bohl and Bella Schilling; Top Mathematicians – Kolton Zimmer and Malcolm Sargent; Top Reader Award – Catie Sleek; Top Speller Awards – Katie Horner, Katie Muir, Carlee Nelson, Catie Sleek, and Ethyn Zimmer; Top Grammar Awards – Carlee Nelson and Catie Sleek; Best Handwriters – Catie Sleek and Ethyn Zimmer; Most Improved Student – Maddy Kemp.

Battleship Tournament: Winner – Khloe Roe; Second Place – McShayne Riley; Third Place – Kolton Zimmer; Fourth Place – Megan Bohl.

Book-It Awards – Megan Bohl, Casey Brooker, Ian Ellis, Breanna Hill, Katie Horner, Katie Muir, Carlee Nelson, Ariane Pollock, Khloe Roe, Bella Schilling, Lilli Schilling, Catie Sleek, Clerissa Starkey, Isaiah Wright, and Ethyn Zimmer.

Merit Awards for Homework Passes: 2 Passes – Megan Bohl, Casey Brooker, Ian Ellis, Katie Horner, Katie Muir, Carlee Nelson, Lilli Schilling, Catie Sleek, and Ethyn Zimmer; 1 Pass – Breanna Hill, Maddy Kemp, Maeson Long, Hannah Offenberger, Ariane Pollock, Sierra Powell, Khloe Roe, Bella Schilling, and Cameron Tennant.

Academic Excellence Awards: 6 Subjects – Carlee Nelson, Hannah Offenberger, Ethyn Zimmer, Catie Sleek, and Bella Schilling; 5 Subjects – Megan Bohl, Casey Brooker, Katie Muir, Ariane Pollock, and Lilli Schilling; 4 Subjects – Cameron Tennant and Katie Horner; 2 Subjects – Maddy Kemp, Ian Ellis, and Maeson Long; 1 Subject – Clerissa Starkey.

Mrs. Sampson’s Class:

Book-It – Garrett Lipot

Highest Averages: Writing – Astin Clark; Reading – Malcolm Sargent; Spelling – Isis Streight; Grammar – Astin Clark and Malcolm Sargent; Social Studies – Garrett Lipot and Carlee Nelson; Math – Catie Sleek and Casey Brooker.

Classroom Achievement Awards for a Homework Pass – 1 Award – Christopher Cain, Isabelle Nunn, Layne Schaad, and Brayden Wright; 2 Awards – Garrett Lipot and Diamond Scott; 3 Awards – Becca Arnold, Isis Streight, Julia Bee, Astin Clark, Betty Price, and Kolton Zimmer; 4 Awards – Mackenzie Cary.


The Summer Feeding Program sponsored by Washington/Morgan Community Action winds up this Friday. To reserve lunches each day, call 740-373-3455. Lunches may be picked up at the playground beside the Beverly Pool on 5th Street in Beverly from 11:30 – 12:45 each day.

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Sue Sampson is a longtime columnist for The Parkersburg News & Sentinel.