Page turning mysteries released

Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli are back in New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson’s “Ready to Die.”

Alvarez and Pescoli are getting ready to celebrate the holidays in their own respective ways – Alvarez by working a lot and Pescoli with her family and her boyfriend – who has just proposed to her. She’s worried about another failed marriage, but Santana, her boyfriend, said if she doesn’t give him an answer by New Year’s, they will break up. As she’s weighing the options, she goes to see her boss, the sheriff. Pulling up to his cabin in the woods and seeing him outside – she also gets to witness a sniper’s attempt to murder him.

Who would want to kill the sheriff? There’s a pretty long list of criminals, but Alvarez and Pescoli must do what they can to sort through a list of suspects that gets more and more complicated. Is it a dangerous criminal or someone more closer to home?

The suspense stays high in this thrilling page-turner of a book.

“Ready to Die” is published by Zebra. Iti s $7.99 and 428 pages long.

* * *

A mystery and a dark look at being a woman in the late 1800s is explored in Kenneth Cameron’s “Winter at Death’s Hotel.”

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his wife, Louisa, have come to New York as part of his book tour. Louisa, young and intrigued by the big city, wants to go exploring but is told she needs to maintain her “place” in society. When a lovely young woman who catches her eye in the hotel ends up dead, Louisa recognizes her from the sketch in one of the local “rags.” She tries to tell her husband and the authorities but is dismissed as a hysterical woman. When an injury prevents her from going on her husband’s tour and stay at the Britannic Hotel, Louisa continues to try to investigate the crime and doesn’t realize she has attracted the attention of a deadly killer who is very close by.

The mystery is a good one, but what is most compelling is the portrayal of how Louisa is treated by the men she encounters, including her husband. That in itself is most chilling.

“Winter at Death’s Hotel” is published by Sourcebooks. It is $14.99 and 368 pages long.

* * *

A former actress uses her experience in Hollywood in a mystery about an aging starlet who gets caught up in a fellow actress’ murder in Melodie Johnson Howe’s “City of Mirrors.”

Diana Poole is the daughter of a famous actress and an actress in her own right. Having quit the business for a while to focus on her marriage, she is trying to get back into roles, but there isn’t a lot of work for 40-year-old actresses. Her big break may be a movie an old friend’s husband is producing starring the latest hot male lead, but the troubled young actress playing her daughter is making everything difficult and may shut down the whole production. Diana is dispatched to “talk” to the young star and stumbles upon her dead body. Who would kill her and why? As Diana is drawn in thanks to the young star’s criminal father, she realizes everyone she knows is hiding something, and their secrets could get her killed.

Glittering Hollywood takes a dark bent in this page-turning thriller that will keep you guessing!

“City of Mirrors” is published by Pegasus. It is $25.95 and 278 pages long.