Taking a look at fame

Faceless men on nameless streets

Pages filled with their defeats

In shadows dwell their souls in shame

That played so hard, yet lost the game

“Must I be they”, the young man’s plea

“Were anyone once like me”?

The guide he smiled, in this dream-like state

“Yes at one time they all were great”

Youth and dreams are a God-like gift

That sometime let your values drift

Lest you forget a man of clay

Like these poor fools you will be one day

“No not me” and then he woke

He did not know to whom he spoke

Just a dream, a silly dream, he wrote it off to be

“Not one in that hell was as great as me”

He’d challenged fate and swore he’d won

Fame for him had just begun

The dream he had begun to fade

To friends and foes he had it made

So time marched on and took its toll

When shadows reached to touch his soul

First his yough, then fame and pride

For Father Time had been his guide.