Kids’ books week offers lots for everyone

It’s kids’ books week!

The “Everything Goes” series releases two new board books, “Blue Bus, Red Balloon” and “Good Night, Trucks” by Brian Biggs.

“Blue Bus, Red Balloon” explores colors with its simple format, following a red balloon through the city as it encounters different colored vehicles.

“Good Night, Trucks” is a twist on the popular bedtime story, this time as different types of trucks shut down for the night.

For young kids interested in vehicles, these are two great books. Published by Balzer + Bray, both are $7.99 and for ages newborn to 4.

* * *

In the Little Critter series are two new releases, “Just One More Pet” and “Just Big Enough” by Mercer Mayer.

In “Just One More Pet” Little Critter finds a lost dog. His mother says they have too many pets, but he is determined to keep it, at least until they find its owner. He and his family put the dog in the garage for the night. The next day, the dog is gone. Little Critter goes looking for it and sees a mess in the neighborhood. But when he returns, the dog is back, with a surprise!

In “Just Big Enough” Little Critter is tired of big kids telling him he’s too small at school. So he gets an idea to make a growing machine. But it doesn’t seem to work. His grandpa shows him that sometimes smaller creatures are faster and Little Critter soon tests that at school.

Both book are cute and simple stories for young readers. Published by HarperFestival, both are $3.99 and are for ages 4 to 8.

* * *

Get ready for cute overload in “Cute & Cuter” by Michael Townsend.

Janie Jane loves cute things and Sir Yips-a-lot was the cutest birthday present ever. They spent every day together. And then her birthday came around again and Janie got something cute – this time a kitty named Lady Meow-meow. Sir Yips-a-lot is not too thrilled about that. He wants to prove he’s cuter, but Janie keeps ignoring him and telling him not to yip so much. So Sir Yips-a-lot decides to get rid of the cat. When Janie gets upset, he goes to find that cat and decides to leave. But is there room for two cute pets?

This cute book shows there’s always room for one more in a charming story addressing jealousy. “Cute & Cuter” is published by Random House. It is $15.99 and for ages 5 to 8.

* * *

A little dog gets busy looking for friends in “Ruff and the Wonderfully Amazing Busy Day” by Caroline Jayne Church.

Ruff is busy around the house, pulling up weeds and planting flowers, washing windows and making pond in his backyard. He comes across a mouse named Hubble who is upset that his house is missing – and its because Ruff moved it! Feeling bad, he tells the mouse he will make him another house. Now Ruff has a friend in Hubble. Then a duck named Lottie crash lands in their pond. Ruff and Hubble try to cheer up the duck, but nothing will until they tell her she can stay – in the pond they just created.

A sweet story about making friends and living together, the simple illustrations are quite lovely. “Ruff and the Wonderfully Amazing Busy Day” is published by HarperCollins. It is $17.99 and for ages 4 to 8.

* * *

A new graphic novel series aimed at younger kids arrives with “Bean Dog and Nugget: The Ball” and “Bean Dog and Nugget: The Cookie” by Charise Mericle Harper.

In “The Ball” Bean Dog has a ball and at first doesn’t want to share, but finally does with Nugget. But when he throws the ball at her, it goes into the big scary bush instead. The two come up with ways to try to get it out, involving throwing shoes, possibly throwing Nugget and transforming into Superdog and Ninja Nugget. Have they just stumbled upon a fun new game?

In “The Cookie” Nugget has an invisible donut. At first the two argue over who is going to eat it. But all the talk about invisible donuts made them hungry, and there is three cookies. How will they share three cookies? And will invisible donuts come into play?

With simple illustrations, these two friends illustrate everyday troubles of young kids. Published by Random House, both are $4.99 and for ages 5 to 8.

* * *

Several more books are out in the “I Can Read” series. First there’s “Mia and the Girl with a Twirl” by Robin Farley with illustrations by Aleksy and Olga Ivanov. There’s a new girl in Mia’s dance class named Sara. She dances a little differently than the others, and Mia isn’t sure she likes that. Miss Bird explains there are different ways to dance and soon all of the girls are joining in. In “Dixie and the Good Deeds” by Grace Gilman with illustrations by Sarah McConnell, Emily’s new school project is to volunteer around town. Dixie, her dog, wants to help. Emily bakes cookies, paints fences, collects recycling, helps at a car wash and does gardening, all with Dixie’s help. But when Emma goes to perform at a magic show and can’t bring Dixie, will she still need help? Published by HarperCollins, both books are $16.99 and for ages 4 to 8.

* * *

A funny story of a stick dog and his friends in search of the perfect burger is drawn in diary style in “Stick Dog” by Tom Watson.

With tongue-in-cheek humor from the author, the story follows Poo-Poo, Stripes, Karen, Mutt and of course, Stick Dog, who smell delicious food and want to partake in it. They are determined to find the juicy hamburgers, and nothing will stop them!

With lots of humor and stick figure drawings, this book will have kids laughing and reading! Published by HarperCollins, it is $12.99 and for ages 8 to 12.