Godbey Field criticism unfair

Regarding the letter stating “Godbey fields need work,” we know that our fields are not perfect. The management and maintenance of the fields is handled by a limited number of volunteers. Many of us not only serve on the board, but we are also coaches, umpires, maintenance crew and concession stand workers. We give up time with our families to try and make our community a better place by providing recreational activities for our youth.

We are uncertain why Ms. Trippett feels we do not support softball. The South softball team calls Godbey Field “home,” 58 teams and 48 teams recently played in two softball tournaments at our complex, and we sponsor leagues for girls ages 7-18.

The unhappy parent states, “We go to Mineral Wells and Worthington and they take pride in their softball events and work hard to keep the complex looking good.” We take issue with her insinuation that we do not take pride in our fields. Those two locations have five and four fields, respectively, while Godbey has 14 fields including Hank Greenburg Field – “home” to the South baseball team. The amount of maintenance our fields require is considerably more than either Worthington or Mineral Wells faces. We do the best we can with the resources we have available.

Ms. Trippett indicates Little League is only for the rich or those with the “right” name. That statement could not be further from the truth. Little League is for all who want to participate, and we work with any parent who has problems meeting the financial obligation of the league fee. A child’s financial situation or social status is irrelevant. When that child steps on the field, they wear a team uniform – not one indicating their family’s wealth or parent’s occupation.

In closing, we want to clarify what our fields really need and that is supportive parents who are willing to donate a couple of hours each week helping with field maintenance or the concession stand. What we do not need are parents who continually find fault with our complex yet they never lift a finger to help us make the fields a better place for the kids.

Ann Clemente