Fleeing from a hit-and-hug

I am looking for a hit and hug. Yes, hit and hug. My daughter was hit broadside at the mall on July 22 around 4:10. She was driving a dark gray crossover, she thought a Jeep. The lady got out to see if my daughter was OK, hugged her and left.

My daughter is in college and has paid for her Honda herself. Now she is left to pay for the damages of a thoughtless adult. It was my daughter’s first wreck. She had just got off work at the mall. She didn’t know what to do. The mall security will be looking for the vehicle. You know if it would have been my daughter who hit her she would have called the police. But she didn’t even give my daughter the chance.

If the witness or the lady who hit her dark blue Honda CRV please contact the Vienna police or mall security you would be doing the right thing. What if that was someone that did that to your teenage daughter and just left the scene of the accident.

Pam Myers