Baiters make it about race

Every Sunday I try to listen to the Tavis Smiley and Cornel West radio show. They offer up some interesting insights into African-American culture and politics. Normally I enjoy the program, however this past Sunday I actually found myself yelling out loud at the radio. The gentlemen were giving their opinions on the Zimmerman trial and how it was a terrible outcome. All through that portion of the show I listened to, you could almost hear behind their well-cultured words what they really wanted to say; Zimmerman isn’t brown enough not to be racist and the Feds should go after him.

They even went on to compare the killing of Trayvon to that of lynching in the 1950s. This is where a lot of African-American voice boxes go off the rails and start going into verbal theatrics. There is no evidence that Zimmerman did what he did because of Trayvon’s skin color. No matter how much they detest the outcome of the trial, it wasn’t about race until the media, race baiters and the politicians made it that way.

I am not naive, I know our nation still has issues with race and those not of European decent have it tough. But when you go so hard after something and use race as an excuse, you begin to alienate your supporters. I’ve known many people that would support a deeper look into laws like Stand Your Ground and the like. Those same people though don’t know what they should do because they are made to feel like they don’t have the right skin color to participate in the debate. We need to get over group guilt or group justification when it comes to race so we can finally do something about it.

James Kendall