Wirt BOE to consider employee suspension

ELIZABETH – The Wirt County Board of Education will conduct two executive sessions at tonight’s regular meeting, both related to a single personnel suspension.

In the first session board members will have an attorney/client session with Greg Bailey of Bowles, Rice, LLP. Wirt County Schools Superintendent Dan Metz said the session is so legal counsel can outline the board’s options with the regard to a pending personnel issue.

Metz said board members have a number of options and they need to be aware of them. The first session will be only discussion with the board’s attorney.

“There will no testimony. No discussion. Just options that the board has when it comes to dealing with the personnel issue,” Metz said. “Because it is personnel, we just can’t deal with it in public.”

Following the meeting with the attorney, the board is slated for a second executive session to conduct a personnel suspension hearing. A school employees has been suspended, and officials are asking the school board to uphold the decision, Metz said. The superintendent confirmed the two executive session are related, but he declined to discuss the situation.

Metz said there has been no discussion with board members regarding the hearing or the circumstances.

“I don’t believe I should give board members information when the employee hasn’t had a chance to,” he said.

Metz said the name of the employee will be released following today’s meeting.

Both Metz and the Wirt County sheriff confirmed an investigation into a possible relationship between a teacher/coach and a student.

“That investigation did not begin with us,” Metz said. “I don’t know how the investigation started. It did not come from my office or the school.”