Sen. Manchin’s rotten core

The people of West Virginia should be extremely upset with Sen. Manchin. If you ever wondered what are Manchin’s core beliefs and you have followed his overwhelming pro-Obama voting record, you should now know.

First, he claims he is very upset with Obama’s war on coal; however he has done nothing but utter words. Why has he not introduced a bill to stop Obama’s war on coal and coal-fired power plants? Remember how hard he worked to get his gun bill passed? Why not the same passion on coal, jobs and Obamacare?

He recently, in step with Obama, voted for the Senate’s immigration bill. This bill is worse than Obamacare, which he also supported. It does not secure the border first; it says it will provide for 750 miles of fence. That bill already passed in 2006 still no fence! Manchin’s immigration bill does not allow those given amnesty to get Obamacare. Well guess what, that allows businesses to hire those given amnesty and pay no health care fees – so guess who they will hire. Those given amnesty will get jobs ahead of your children and grandchildren, so get ready for an onslaught of these folks here in West Virginia. The bill has far worse provisions, check it out.

One last point, as governor, Manchin signed a Memorandum of Understanding (I have seen this agreement) to turn over the education of our children to a centralized power, nationalizing our education. By his signature the state is bound to follow standards and tests formulated not by citizens, local boards, and teachers, but by outsiders. Your children’s scores, religious beliefs, medical information, retinal scans and fingerprints and more, will be made available in a national database.

Manchin did not ask our representatives prior to signing. Ask your representative what they know about this “Common Core” – another Obama program!

We, the people of West Virginia, need to wake up! We are losing our rights and liberty and the most precious right to educate our children locally. Manchin has proven to be far more in step with ultra-liberal Obama than with the folks he represents. He must be removed his next primary election! Good old Joe’s core is rotten!

Fred Dailey

St. Marys