Visitors abound in area

Shelley Mason of Lubbock, Texas, called Mae Milhoan on Friday and said the temperature was 100 everyday. She has eight dogs and they have to stay in the house for air conditioning.

Gretchen Yerian of Newcomerstown came to Mary Yerian’s home on Saturday and will be staying a week. Mary and Gretchen will spend two days with Mae.

Victor Slowter came to Mae Milhoan’s and mowed the yard on Friday and did a wonderful job. He also got rid of the tree limbs that had fallen in her yard and she appreciated it.

Beverly Sidwell visited Mae Milhoan on Sunday afternoon and brought fresh fruit, which she appreciated. Sherri and Alex Maxwell were visitors at the home of James and Beverly Sealock on Saturday afternoon.

* * *

Beverly Sealock is a longtime columnist for The Parkersburg News & Sentinel.