Magistrate parking lot approved for carnival

PARKERSBURG – Wood County commissioners agreed to allow Parkersburg Homecoming to use the magistrate court parking lot for carnival rides at this year’s event scheduled for Aug. 16-18.

Meeting with the commissioners, Cyndie Wade, Randall Roberts and Rick Rubin, with the homecoming committee, said due to the sale of several downtown lots since last year’s event, they needed to move some things around this year.

“Where we used to put our amusement rides, it’s privately owned now, and we can no longer use that lot,” Wade told commissioners. “We are having to move some other things around.” Previously the magistrate court lot was used for parking to raise funds for groups/organizations.

“They have already looked at the lot and said it would work for the rides,” Roberts told commissioners.

“We just need to get a copy of the liability insurance policy to make sure the county would be covered in case of an accident. I’m in favor of it if you can get us a copy of the insurance coverage to review because the county can be, and we were named in a lawsuit against the Taste of Parkersburg, and we don’t want the taxpayers to have to pay if there’s a problem,” said Commissioner Blair Couch.

“We can add the county on as an additional insured if needed,” Rubin noted.

Homecoming officials said setup for the event begins Aug. 15. County officials said that could create a problem since the magistrate court, which is now located inside the Justice Center, would need the use of the lot throughout the week.

Couch suggested the homecoming committee meet with the county administrator to make sure there are no problems.

“It could potentially create problems for my office as well, parking is needed for witnesses, arraignments, attorneys, law enforcement, we would have court hearings that Friday,” said Prosecutor Jason Wharton.

County officials noted there are also leased spaces on the lot and those individuals would be displaced.

“In the past, spaces have been provided in area parking garages when individuals leasing parking spaces had to move,” Roberts said. “We’ll stay in touch and make sure all your needs are met.”