Feral cat problem hurting city

My husband and I have been looking at purchasing property in Parkersburg to renovate and sell. We have been really turned off to the idea because of the feral cat problem. There are so many stray cats and the smell is atrocious. The areas where the “Save a Kitty” program feed the strays look and smell terrible. I am an animal lover like most others, but Parkersburg just smells really bad because cats are put before people. These cats diminish the songbird population, spread disease and just make the area smell bad. Just recently the article published in NBC News health report cites that parasites in cat feces pose a public health hazard. In particular, the feral cat poses the most risk. Perhaps a “Save the City” program should be started and clean up this feral cat problem.

I know I am going to get all kinds of poop from the “Save the Kitty” people. I was hoping their program would decrease the number of feral cats. The problem seems to be getting worse, not better.

How about a breath of fresh air from those who would prefer that air untainted by the wretched stench of cat urine? I know there are so many who agree with me. We need to speak up about this problem and offer alternatives.

Seriously, the problem with feral cats is out of hand. Can’t something be done that does not look and smell bad? Parkersburg is working hard to beautify and renew. The feral cats are a real turn off to investors. I am not just voicing an opinion; I am asking that an alternative be explored. Perhaps, the mayor, city council and county commissioners should get involved.

Kathy Williams

Mineral Wells