Record crowd for ice cream social

BELPRE – Thanks to a rain-free day, the annual Belpre High School Alumni Association Ice Cream Social had its biggest attendance ever, organizers said.

Dana Fouss, president of the Belpre High School Alumni Association, said the annual event has been a fundraiser for the scholarship fund for a number of years. This year the social at the Belpre Senior Citizen Center added a car show and tractor display.

“It has worked out well for us this year,” he said. “It’s been a great day for us.”

Fouss said the social is more of a community event than a gathering of alumni.

“Everybody comes; it’s not just for our alumni,” he said. “Most of Belpre has some connection to Belpre High School.”

Fouss said the food for the social was exhausted well before the end of the day and had to be replenished.

“Normally we sell about 400 hot dogs and went through those and we had to buy more,” he said. “We had a big crowd and this is the biggest one we’ve had.”

Larry McFee, a member of the association, said they went through the supply of 400 hot dogs in about two hours and another 100 were bought.

“We have not used them all yet,” he said. “I think there are a few packages left.”

McFee said the attendance also outstripped the ice cream supply.

“We went t through all of it except vanilla,” he said.

McFee added, more ice cream was expected before the day was out.

“All or our money goes to scholarships, 100 percent scholarship,” Fouss said. “We give away 12 scholarships.”

Fouss said there are scholarships for Marietta College, Ohio Valley University, Ohio University and Ohio State University.

“We have some sponsored by individuals and the recipient can use that scholarship where ever they want to go,” he said. “We give away $20,000 in scholarships.”

In addition to scholarships, Fouss said the association has other projects at the school.

“They are getting ready to put in a greenhouse and we helped raise money for that,” he said. “We are getting ready to put in a veterans memorial. We raised the funds and we’re waiting for a sign and it will be displayed at the high school. We sponsor many different programs at the school.

“We work close with them.”