Film ‘Croaker’ features local boy

CANONSBURG, Pa. – Chase Anderson of Mineral Wells has a major role in the independent film “Croaker,” set for release Oct. 1.

Chase is 7 years old and a second-grader at Mineral Wells Elementary School.

“Croaker” is being shot in Canonsburg, Pa., near Pittsburgh. The story, billed as a “ribbiting tale,” centers on the Sirko family that has fallen next in line to a 17th century curse.

The film begins with Chase, as Dimi Sirko, and three other youngsters playing on the railroad tracks. The first 10 minutes of Chase and the others set the stage for the rest of the movie as it moves 20 years forward, said Fred Terling, the movie’s producer/ writer/director.

Terling describes “Croaker” as a thriller and not a horror movie. “It scares people but there is no blood,” he said.

Even though it is a low-budget film, Terling said he is trying to put together a quality, character-driven production. The film’s monster will move and there will be “cool” lighting, he said.

Emmy Award-winning composer Charles Denler has agreed to provide music for the film.

Terling credits Chase’s mother, Kristy Anderson, with helping to get Denler involved with the movie. She placed a summary of “Croaker” on the Internet Movie Database, or IMDb, an online collection of information related to films, TV programs and video games.

Terling said Denler read the information about the film and contacted him, as did two other composers. “Kristy has been active with the production,” Terling said.

Chase said it has been fun being part of “Croaker.” He said he enjoys reciting his lines in the movie and being in front of a camera.

As the character Dimi, Chase said he has had speaking parts in four scenes with more filming slated for later this month.

“Chase is amazing,” said Terling. “He remembers his lines and is focused. He is a very professional actor.”

Terling believes Chase has a bright future as an actor. “You will be reading about him soon,” he said.

Terling said he rewrote some of the film’s script after meeting Chase.

Chase is building a resume of film work at a young age.

He is a featured extra in the independent film “Gabriel, which was filmed in February in New York City, starring Rory Culkin.

Chase is one of two lead characters in the short film “Hole to China” filmed in March and produced by students at Hofstra University on Long Island. Chase’s character helps to pull his Chinese neighbor from the depression caused by losing his family/daughter in a fire, Kristy Anderson said.

He was an extra in the short film “The 911 Call in Pittsburgh” in June. Chase will be a principal character in the production company’s next short film, “Garden City,” said Kristy Anderson.

Chase has a part in the short film “Chasing Death,” filmed in June in the Cleveland area.

In “Bad Old Days,” shot in June for the Discovery Channel, Chase is filmed with his “mother” in an airport lobby while they wait to board a plane. The episode details the bombing of United Airlines flight 629 in 1955, in which 44 people were killed in the explosion, Kristy Anderson said.

Locally, Chase appeared in “The Wiz of the West” last year as part of the Missoula Children’s Theater program at the Smoot Theatre.

Besides acting, Chase also enjoys playing soccer, running and singing at church. His father is Joe Anderson of Mineral Wells.