Parkersburg to dedicate Packard Court

PARKERSBURG – A unanimous Parkersburg City Council agreed Tuesday night to dedicate a 40-foot public right of way known as Packard Court.

The housing community near the intersection of Cadillac Drive and 36th Street was developed and built in the 1990s but was never dedicated. Councilman John Kelly in May urged the city’s Municipal Planning Commission to approve the dedication, and renewed his call for approval at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

“The folks of Packard Court have been through quite an ordeal trying to get this dedicated,” Kelly said. “People bought those properties in good faith.

“This administration did not have anything to do with this problem,” he said, but the time has come for the city “to make them whole again.”

The resolution passed 9-0.

Three ordinances passed their final readings by smaller margins but without discussion. Council voted 7-2 to rescind and replace a bicycle ordinance which defines in what areas of the city people can ride bicycles on streets.

Under the ordinance bicycles must be ridden in the street unless an area is designated as a shared sidewalk.

Council members Nancy Wilcox and Roger Brown voted against the ordinance. Wilcox said she fears the city is giving up too many parking spaces along city streets to put in bicycle lanes.

“I think it’s starting to get out of control,” she said.

Brown said he believed the original bicycle ordinance should have been revised, not rescinded.

Both also voted against an ordinance which closed an alleyway for construction of a Speedway gas station on a block situated between Division and Neale streets and Fourth and Camden avenues. The ordinance passed final reading by a vote of 7-2.

Wilcox said her opposition was more about the alley than the Speedway.

“I don’t give away alleys,” she said.

A second ordinance rezoning parcels on that block for the construction of the Speedway was approved 8-1, with only Brown voting against.

Brown said he voted against both ordinances because he believes the Speedway will cause traffic issues.

“That intersection is already a busy one. I just think it’s going to be bad,” Brown said. “At busy times, if you have cars trying to turn left (across traffic into Speedway) it is going to cause a traffic jam.”