Rhodes submits resume for clerk’s job

PARKERSBURG – Resumes were due Monday for anyone interested in being appointed to the Wood County clerk’s position.

The only resume received by the close of the county commission meeting Monday was from deputy clerk Mark Rhodes. Because there was apparently some question about whether resumes were due by the end of the commission meeting, close of business hours or the end of the day Monday, the commissioners said they would give individuals all day Monday to submit resumes.

Wood County commissioners said they expect to make an appointment July 15, to be effective Aug. 1.

Clerk Jamie Six announced earlier he was resigning effective July 31 to pursue other interests and spend more time with his family. The commissioners, by statute, have the responsibility of naming a temporary replacement. The appointee would serve until the results of the 2014 general election are certified. The position would be open to anyone wishing to file for the 2014 election. The appointee must be of the same political party as Six, a Democrat.

Six has recommended Rhodes for the job, and clerk’s office staffers also urged the commission last week to name Rhodes.

“In the past, the county commissioners have always honored the recommendation made to them,” said deputy clerk Barbara Johnston. She read a letter signed by clerk’s office staffers urging the commissioners to appoint Rhodes.

Rhodes has a total of 29 years of county government experience.

According to his resume Rhodes has extensive computer skills and training in government accounting, financing and grant management and 14 years of supervisory experience. Rhodes has served since September 2011 as administrative assistant in the clerk’s office including duties in the finance department, probate, records room and elections. Rhodes worked at Complete System Support Inc. from April 2011-September 2011. From January 2005-March 2011 he was administrative assistant in the clerk’s office. From January 2001-December 2004 Rhodes was the chief tax deputy in the sheriff’s department.

From July 1997-December 2000 he served as information systems coordinator for the county. Prior to that Rhodes served as a home confinement officer, prior to that he was jail administrator for Wood County and prior to that worked as a Wood County correctional officer.

Commission President Wayne Dunn said he knew of at least one other individual who had expressed interest in the clerk’s job. Dunn is the sole Democrat serving on the commission.

As of adjournment of the commission meeting Monday, Rhodes was the only one who had turned in a resume, county administrator Marty Seufer said his office had not received any resumes over the weekend.

“In the past they have had each county commissioner talk to the applicant, if you want to decide by July 15 we could do that,” Commissioner Blair Couch said.

The commissioners decided they would schedule a special session at 10 a.m. Friday to interview applicants.

Six has urged the commission to make a decision as soon as possible to “alleviate employees’ anxiety” and give him time to work with his replacement before he leaves.

Any appointment commissioners make to fill the clerk’s office vacancy would be to 2014. In January anyone interested in running could file as a candidate for the office. Once that election is certified, whoever wins would become clerk for the next two years and some days filling out the unexpired remainder of Six’s term in office. In 2016 the office will be on the ballot again for a full six year term.

If a quorum of the county commission cannot agree on a replacement for Six within 30 days of the vacancy, the county executive committee of the vacating official’s political party, in this case the Democratic committee, would select and name a person to fill the vacancy from their party.