Power outages troubling

I am writing a letter to the editor to protest service provided by Monongahela Power Company in Vienna and surrounding communities. Customers are experiencing frequent power outages often of very short duration. The results being we are subjected to very frequent journeys throughout our homes to reset computers, microwaves, clocks, stoves and other digital equipment.

My call to the power company revealed they had been receiving very few calls concerning this ongoing problem. My cursory inquiry around the community where I live revealed many of their customers were experiencing the same problems I reported. The company’s point of view of course, is they were not being reported! Well, let us report these intermittent losses of power they are important signals of problems. In my case, this resulted in damage to one of my personal computers, which will now not reboot.

In my letter to the PSC, I commented that we are not a Third World country and customers are entitled to reliable, dependable sources of power to maintain their homes. Utilities are not shy about upping rates when they need new funding and we should not be reluctant to complain about poor service! Let Mon Power know improvements are needed.

J. Bruce Fox