Dig deeper on Common Core

An editorial in the News and Sentinel recently seemed to question the importance or the seriousness of a student longitudinal data base for W.Va. schools and how it might be used. I respectfully request that your reporters might want to do the hard part of their job, and that is investigation.

There is much information available from various sources to be mined if only a person has the interest and the willingness to search for the truth instead of taking the propaganda talking points of the W.Va. Board of Education and the W.Va. Department of Education as the only truth.

I am somewhat disappointed in the unfair and unbalanced reporting on this issue by your newspaper. The people of our community, parents and taxpayers, deserve to know the true story behind Common Core Standards Initiative. The only way they will get that is through thorough and honest investigative reporting by your and other media sources throughout West Virginia. The people need an unbiased and truthful representation of this most important subject.

I hope you, and your staff will give this issue another look and dig a little deeper for the facts which you will then report fairly.

David Flinn