Pleasants collection reaps 18 tons of used electronics

ST. MARYS – Eighteen tons of electronics were collected in May at the latest recycling event held by the Pleasants County Solid Waste Authority and Momentive Performance Materials Plant in Friendly.

Held at the plant parking lot, more than 230,000 pounds of used electronics have been divered from landfills since the collection was started in 2007.

The collection was co-sponsored by the National Center for Electronics Recycling, ECS Refining and E-Scrap Solutions and was funded by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s Covered Electronic Devices Grant Program that requires electronics manufacturers to register each year with the division and create optional takeback programs.

“This is our third year being involved with the Pleasants County collection event. It is a wonderful thing when you assemble a group of like-minded people from industry, non-profit, state and local government entities to plan an event like this.” said Heather Smith, senior manager for the National Center.

Such collections are a suitable way to recover unwanted electronics. The Solid Waste Authority and Momentive Performance are forward-thinking, she said.

“We have enjoyed working with them,” Smith said.

About 35 cubic yards of landfill space was saved by the collection, said Anthony Vandenberg, a board member of the Solid Waste Authority.

“It is gratifying to see the great participation by local residents who appreciate both the need to keep electronics out of our landfills, and the opportunity we were able to provide,” Vandenberg said. “Momentive’s Green Team support is also essential, as the local plant provided the location, logistics and volunteers,” said Vandenberg.”

ECS Refining, the contracted recycler for the event, is R2 and e-Stewards certified recycler. E-Scrap Solutions, also R2 certified, was the contracted collector.

ECS dismantled and shred the electronics into recyclable raw materials, steel, copper, aluminum, glass, plastic, circuit boards and power supplies. Potential markets are then investigated for final disposition.

Another collection is being planned for 2014 around the same time.

For more information about recycling in Pleasants County, contact the Solid Waste Authority at (304) 684-2448.