Quilters find aid at Sew-N-Solutions

PARKERSBURG – For longtime quilters and embroideriers in-the-know, the only place to buy a sewing machine heavy-duty enough to do anything is Sew-N-Solutions in south Parkersburg.

“A lot of quilters know to come here for Janome machines, which are the best,” said Jackie Walters, owner of the shop at 2100 Camden Ave. “If you go to a quilting show, even the huge international shows, the only machine there is Janome.”

Walters said this is because Janome is heavy-duty with the ability to sew through 15 layers of denim at once without getting sluggish.

Sew-N-Solutions is the only retailer and repair shop of Janome sewing machines for 50 miles and sees customers from all around the region.

Walters said the machines are not only used by longtime sewers, but also are good machines for first-time crafters.

“There are many different levels of the machines and sewers know these are quality,” said Walters.

“A good friend of mine decided recently to start sewing and now does five projects a night after work.”

Sew-N-Solutions offers machines and accessories, a variety of designs and embroidery threads and classes to help crafters learn how to use the equipment and accessories to make new and different items.

“With every machine purchased the customer gets classes to learn the features of their machine, otherwise they are just buying a box and nobody wants just a box,” Walters said.

Not only are there classes for beginners, but also classes to learn how to embroider with the machines.

The store has classes for beginning sewing, advanced embroidery, computer software embroidery and design creation. Embroidery is the decorating of fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn and can include other materials such as metal strips, pearls, beads, quilts and sequins.

“There is a lot these machines can do and we teach everyone of the local Janome owners how to do what they want,” Walters said.

The store also hosts sewing clubs that include the Embroidery and Footed Venture clubs that have between 12 and 15 members each week.

“We put out nice things for people to learn and get to know their accessories,” Walters said. “We just want to be able to help everyone make the crafts they want to make.”