Stadium Field Construction

PARKERSBURG – Work is ahead of schedule at Parkersburg High School’s Stadium Field, and it will continue, but for how long?

The project remains about $200,000 short of funding for completion, according to officials.

In May, at a Wood County Board of Education meeting, Pickering Associates President Ryan Taylor told officials work could go only to Tuesday, unless additional funding was found. The Stadium Committee continues to raise funds for the project, Taylor said, allowing work to continue.

“That July 2 date was fluid,” he said. “They have raised more money.”

However, Taylor said the project – renovations of the homeside bleachers of the stadium -is still about $200,000 short of funding for completion.

Renovations of the homeside bleachers, initially estimated at $1.5 million, is closer to $1.9 million. The board of education committed $700,000 to the project. Stadium Committee officials secured a $600,000 loan. Committee officials, who presented school officials with a $40,000 check, said the remainder of the money would come through fundraising efforts.

All money for the project is being handled by Wood County Schools.

At its June 16 meeting, board members approved authorization for Taylor to spend available construction funds that the Stadium Committee would raise, but maintain $50,000 in the fund for contingency.

“They don’t want money being spent that is not allocated,” said Mike Fling, assistant superintendent. “If you spend all your money, you spend all your money.”

Also at that meeting, Taylor told officials the project was about $400,000 from completion. Now the gap is about $200,000. He said contractors are “significantly” ahead of schedule.

In that regard July 2 was an important date, Taylor said with construction crews needing to reach several points. The precasts start arriving this week and are slated to begin installation next week. Taylor said if the girders weren’t complete, the precasts could not be laid.

“They would be sitting in the lot,” he said.

Officials have been holding weekly construction meetings on the project for months. Taylor will return to the board of education’s July 16 meeting to provide an update on its status. “I’ll have lots of good news,” he said.