Level the playing field

Let me say up front that I do not care for Paula Deen. I used to like her recipes, but her incessant use of the word “yawl” affected me like a jackhammer being operated six inches from my ear. So, I stopped watching her.

But now, I feel compelled to come to her defense – in the name of fairness, if nothing else. As I understand it, she admitted to using certain racial slurs 20 years ago. My guess is the dreaded “n” word was among them, even though it is a term many black people use to and about each other regularly. This is generally known throughout the population; there are some black standup comics who cannot get through an appearance without using it.

For her honesty and indiscretion, Paula is figuratively being stripped naked and whipped through the streets of the town by the self-righteous, liberal-loving media. There is no dudgeon so high as that which the media can command when chasing a conservative mistake. The part of it that really upsets me is that they give a pass to Bill Maher and his really disgusting, sick ravings, or to Chris Matthews and his outright lies.

The big problem is the vast portion of the electorate pay little attention to any of it, and therefore are prone to take what they hear on TV as gospel (can you say Gospel any more?). This results in a grievously misled group of voters who would vote for and re-elect to the office of President of the United States a “community organizer” who came from nowhere and has a wife who is notorious for not liking white people, because the media has termed him a “rock star.”

Whatever the (heck) that means.

I’d just like to see the playing field leveled, that’s all.

Donald Geibel