Pennsville auxiliary to meet Monday

Pennsville VFD Auxiliary will meet 7 p.m. Monday at the home of Rose Welsh.

Shelley Mason of Lubock, Texas, calls her mother, Mae Milhoan every night, but the last eight evenings she didn’t call due to the violent storms they are having there. She keeps dogs for the humane society and has 11 dogs and they have to be brought inside when it storms. She will be coming back to Ohio for a visit this fall.

Heather Yerian of Athens who works for a large farm in the area and was working on bringing hay when part of the trailer when the hay came off onto Heather. It made a knot on her head and her nose was smashed and will be having surgery on it this week. Her husband, Steve, is Mary’s grandson.

Anthony McLaughlin of Glouster had a bicycle accident recently and hurt his leg. He had to be taken to a Columbus hospital. He is now home and having pain treatments every night. Ken and Dolly Yerian are the grandparents.

Mae Milhoan is getting new neighbors soon and the little girl, Autumn, helps her get Mae’s mail each day.

Mae received word her cousins, Eloise Ball and Eleanor Smith of Glouster, are getting along fairly well and please remember them in your prayers.

Ben, Pam, Jessica, Jacob, Jeremiah Mosier attended the Pennsville firemen’s festival and also visited James and Beverly Sealock.

Beverly Sealock is a longtime columnist for The Parkersburg News & Sentinel.