Holliday case just keeps going on

And the delay continues while the citizens of Parkersburg pick up the tab.

At least that’s how most law-abiding Parkersburg residents should feel about a nearly three year “paid vacation” a Parkersburg police office has received after being fired for stealing and downloading porn onto a police department laptop.

The case against Floyd Holliday II supposedly will be decided soon by Wood County Circuit Court Judge Jeff Reed, but for some reason I don’t think I’ll hold my breath waiting for it.

Holliday, who was suspended but has been drawing full pay since being fired in December 2010 for the alleged theft of items after making a traffic stop and for allegedly downloading pornography onto another officer’s police laptop, reportedly after being warned about doing so in an earlier incident, was reinstated by the then-heavily pro-police Civil Service Commission.

The commission in an unbelievable ruling did not dispute the acts Holliday supposedly committed to justify his termination, but wrote Holliday’s “conduct did not rise to the level to warrant termination.”

What? How does theft, especially by a police officer, not warrant termination? If the public cannot trust a cop, who the heck is the public supposed to trust … a crook?

The city of Parkersburg filed suit in circuit court to reverse the moronic Civil Service Commission 2-1 vote, and the case has been languishing in the court for more than a year.

Last spring Reed kicked the case back to the commission ordering it to show justification for its 2010 decision. Surprisingly, the commission never responded, contending the makeup of the commission had changed and there were two new members who weren’t there in 2010.

Reed again ordered the commission to respond, saying the commission was the governing institution no matter who was or wasn’t on it.

Last December again Reed ordered the commission to file its findings by Jan. 18.

Reed, who must be becoming frustrated with the lack of cooperation by the commission, has said he will base his decision on the information currently in his hands, which it would seem he could have done more than a year ago and stopped the ongoing idiocy.

Meanwhile, the city continues to pay a cop it can’t put on duty and if he ever would be reinstated his value in any testimony would be destroyed by the one question: “Officer Holliday, have you ever been fired for stealing and downloading porn onto a police laptop?”

Maybe the most depressing part of all this is, if Reed reverses the Civil Service Commission ruling – as he seemingly should – and permits the city to fire Holliday, it all could bounce up the legal chain to the state Supreme Court where it would continue to be a huge black-eye for the city, the police department and the citizens of Parkersburg.

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