Women’s fiction brings laughs, tears

New York Times bestselling author Mary Kay Andrews tells the story of several women and one man done wrong forced to attend a divorce group in “Ladies’ Night.”

Grace had the perfect life, running a lifestyles blog in a lavish house with her handsome husband. Until the day she caught him with her much younger assistant and she ended up driving his expensive car into the swimming pool. Now, not only is she homeless and getting a divorce, but her soon-to-be ex has frozen all of their money, locked her out of her blog so she cannot work and sabotaging an efforts she makes to start a new one and her anti-women judge has decreed that she must attend a divorce recovery group to deal with her “issues.” There, Grace meets several other women and one man who have been done wrong, not only by their cheating spouses, but by the system. The leader of their group is an addict, so how did she ever get this job? As the group begin to bond on their shared experiences at Grace’s mom’s bar, not only does Grace begin to find a second chance on a new life, but also perhaps a romance too.

I stayed up late into the night reading this addictive page turner.

The characters are all very relatable, especially to divorced women, and everyone gets what’s coming to them in the end!

“Ladies’ Night” is published by St. Martin’s Press. It is $26.99 and 458 pages long.


New York Times bestselling author Sarah Dessen delivers a story of a girl living in a small seaside town who is getting ready to go to college in “The Moon and More.”

Emaline is working for her mom’s family business at a rental company for vacation homes along the beach and dealing with the fact that college is on the horizon. Her estranged father had wanted her to go to Columbia, but couldn’t pay for it, and while Emaline doesn’t care, she does care that he hasn’t talked to her much since telling her that. Meanwhile, she has hit a rough patch with her long-term boyfriend, Luke, and a new guy, Theo, just in town for the summer seems willing to take his place. Can she mend her relationship with her father? Is it over with her and Luke? Is there a future for her and Theo? And by the end of the summer, where will Emaline be?

This is a powerful story about the summer before college and the changes that occur then. Emaline is a great main character, sympathetic and strong, and her situation is one a lot of kids can relate to.

“The Moon and More” is published by Viking. It is $19.99 and 435 pages long.

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