IRS right to look into groups

I’m frustrated day after day hearing the IRS soap opera. For once, I think the IRS is doing their due diligence. They are investigating various groups who are requesting tax-exempt status. These groups claim to be nonprofits and social welfare organizations, but this is very well hidden behind their partisan and political rhetoric.

We all know the biases of the tea party. Now, they want a tax-exemption. I, as a taxpayer and citizen, want the IRS, who represents my interests as a taxpayer, to do their due diligence in investigating these groups. I think that all American taxpayers would want this same due diligence. Right!

It can’t be that the American public that used to cherish fairness is OK with the knowledge that left-wing organizations (which historically have taken up the gauntlet for the average citizen, workers, unions, the poor, welfare, the disabled, SSI, children, Medicaid, WIC, food stamps, the old Social Security, Medicare, the sick, Medicaid) can be unfairly targeted, but when right-wing organizations come under the microscope, these people yell foul.

There is no greasy wheel that gets oiled when we’re talking about truth, honesty, integrity and following the rules. We just do the right thing, or as a society do we even care about doing the right thing anymore?

Michal K. DiClemente