Death Sentence

Rabies is a terrible disease-a death sentence for beloved pets even if treatments for human beings have improved greatly.

Humans bitten by rabid animals can be saved, much less painfully than in the past-though that is no guarantee in many countries. Worldwide, about 55,000 people a year are killed by rabies. It wasn’t too many years ago, a Mid-Ohio Valley resident died from the disease after handling a rabid bat.

Unfortunately for anyone who lives near a wooded area, the risk is more than you may understand. Rabid raccoons may infect domestic animals. And, as mentioned, rabid bats also pose a threat.

The good news is that if you own pets, they can be safeguarded from rabies. Highly effective, inexpensive vaccines are available.

Of course, no vaccine is effective if it is not administered. Too many pet owners do not safeguard their animals.

If cost is a problem, residents of every county in our area can get help. Many areas offer special rabies clinics during the summer months, providing substantial breaks on the cost of rabies vaccine. If one is being offered near you, take advantage of this opportunity.

Don’t overlook the hazard from rabies, we urge local pet owners. Get your pets vaccinated.

If you have not done so, please call a veterinarian soon and make arrangements that could save your beloved pet’s life.