Rick Bush named 8th Cornerstone

PARKERSBURG – The Erickson All-Sports Facility team, with Rick Bush as its representative, is the eighth “Cornerstone of our Community” named by Our Community’s Foundation-Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and Regional Affiliates through its 50th anniversary awards sponsored by Superior Toyota. Bush will be presented a gold Fenton vase on behalf of EASF and the honor of awarding $1,000 for charitable purposes.

Judy Sjostedt, foundation executive director, said, “A cornerstone is that fundamental building block on which a foundation can be built. The EASF teeam of volunteers laid a firm foundation in the field of youth recreation. Their efforts continue to inspire and nurture a community vision and have resulted in a significant, permanent public facility for youth, in a part of our community where the need for such was previously unmet.”

The EASF multi-sport complex began construction in August 1993 and since then, has recruited an incredible number of people to its cause over a 20-year period. Past and present, its volunteers reflect a broad cross-section of our community with contributions that range from in-kind services to construction materials and machinery loans to advertising and fundraisers and cash, according to a news release.

While many people associated with the EASF merit acknowledgement, the one constant in providing volunteer leadership and oversight throughout this time span has been Rick Bush, EASF board chair. His passionate and dogged support for EASF has helped its team to persevere in the fact of great obstacles at times, according to the news release. His dry wit in leading the group through its challenges and his optimism and encouragement has helped sustain the multi-year effort, the release continued. When asked for his inspiration for being involved, Bush said simply, “Because it ought to be done. Originally, it was because I would have kids who would play here, but I really like giving back.”

The EASF team has raised many dollars and services and through its work has given the words, “community involvement,” greater meaning. The EASF team’s work and Bush’s leadership have resulted in a major capital project for our community’s youth, worth millions in value, but much more in pride for Parkersburg South’s students, and citizens in its feeder school region particularly, according to the release. The EASF volunteers’ dedication to making EASF a reality and a success, and a source of community pride, has earned the EASF team of volunteers led by Rick Bush, a Cornerstone of Our Community Award..