United Bank awards scholarships

PARKERSBURG – United Bank’s Wealth Management Division administers scholarships annually through its trust division and this year presented more than $343,000 in local scholarships from the trusts.

Awards were given to local high school students from the O. J. Stout Scholarship Foundation, the Charles L. and Anna. N. Gault Memorial Scholarship Trust and the Adeline Nugent Trust.

O.J. Stout was a successful local businessman who passed away in 1964. He left a large portion of his estate in trust to aid young men in the area who have demonstrated an ability, desire and willingness to pursue their education for to better prepare for a professional or business career.

Grants have been made from the O. J. Stout Scholarship Fund since the late 1970’s and more than $2 million has been awarded to students over the past five years.

On behalf of the O. J. Stout Scholarship Fund, representatives from United Bank awarded this year’s scholarships to:

* John C. Romeo and Joseph T. Welch of Parkersburg Catholic High School.

* Austin C. Alatorre, Trenton C. Cheuvront, Ian Collins, Brandon R. Dix, Eric F. Eisenmann, Matthew E. Flowers, Jared T. Haught, Levi A. Hewitt, Adam C. Lindamood, Chad M. Newell, Jeremiah Parsons, Christopher B. Short, Benjamin E. Umplby and Jason K. West of Parkersburg High School.

* Chase W. Dye, Killian M. Ellison, Codey E. Hively, Jared E. Lockhart, Ronald Pickens, Corey L. Whitlatch, Mackenzie L. White, and Alexander C. Williams of Parkersburg South High School.

* Alexander C. Gedon, Avery N. Goff, Nicholas C. Meadows, Dylan J. Nicholas and Evan B. Smith of Williamstown High School.

O. J. Stout awards also were made to college students. They are Matthew T. Beeson, Ryan S. Black, Kenneth Blosser, Nicholas J. Brumfield, Anthony Brunacardi II, Wesley R. Bunner, Charles C. Bunner, Brett Burns, Ryan L. Calhoun, Dillon T. Carden, Garret T. Carden, John M. Carter, Chad P. Collins, Elijah T. Copen, Sean Cottrill, Joseph Cottrill, Brandon A. Cunningham, Austin W. Davis, Devin O. Davis, Sean M. Deem, Andrew M. Dollman, Ethan K. Dye, Jacob C. Edwards, Adam R. Foster, Andrew J. Galland, Brice Games, Brandon T. Gandee, Joseph T. Garrison, James H. Gibson III, Jess T. Green, Jordan T. Greenburg, Timothy C. Halbert, Corey M. Hall, Joshua Harmon, Jesse D. Horner, David S. Huggins, Philip R. Hughes, Travis A. Hunt, Brek J. Jeffrey, David M. Jeffrey, Caleb M. Jenkins, Kyle C Johnson, Derik S. Jones, Christian T. Kaftanic, Matthew R. Kestner, Samuel C. Kiger, Corey Kouns, Kyle A. Kurtz, Judah Longgrear, Kyle W. McCauley, Eric D. Metz, Dakota J. Moore, Bradley S. Moyer, Alex Myers, Jordan J. Nolan, Wyatt Nutter, Jason M. Phillips, Sean O. Rafferty, Bryan E. Ramsey, Timothy Romine, Benjamin J. Seebaugh, Adam M. Sereno, Levi R. Smith, Jared D. Smith, Thomas M. Smith, Cody C. Swearingen, Wade A. Thrash, Peter D. Walters, Samuel D. Walters, Nathanael M. Watkins, John C. Weber, Kyle G. Wiegel, Jacob T. Wigal, Ryan J. Wolfe, and Eric G. Young.

Scholarships were given from the Charles L. and Anna N. Gault Memorial Scholarship Trust. Charles and Anna Gault had a strong desire to help educate young people from Wood and Wirt counties, who would contribute to the welfare and well being of society in general. Their scholarships are awarded annually to graduates on the basis of good character, reputation, and academic ability and desire to contribute back to their communities.

A United Bank representative presented this year’s scholarships on behalf of the Charles L. and Anna N. Gault Memorial Scholarship Trust to:

* Sarah D. Stewart of Parkersburg Catholic High School.

* Jeremy L. Hill and Kendra M. McCauley of Parkersburg High School.

* Christopher W. Boyles, Ian Collins, Matthew E. Flowers, Russell J. Stemple and Robert A. Waters of Parkersburg South High School.

* Anna C. Gibbs, Hayley A. Irvine, Nicholas C. Meadows, and Adam N. Wood of Williamstown High School.

The Charles L. and Anna N. Gault Memorial Scholarship awards also were presented to college students. They are Megan E. Albertson, Sarah E. Allen, Selena Ankrom, Payne W. Ankron, Matthew T. Beeson, Ryan S. Black, Donald C. Boyles, Brett Burns, Ryan L. Calhoun, Allison P. Chadock, Allison D. Church, Chad P. Collins, Devin O. Davis, Emily N. Delaney, Kelsey Dowler, Devin W. Dye, Adam R. Foster, Brice Games, Joseph T. Garrison, Leigh A. Goodman, Joshua A. Harmon, Aubrey R. Hawkins, Olivia A. Hoschar, Brittany Johnk, Erika Johnk, Samuel C. Kiger, Lydia G. Krimmel, Brooke T. Logston, Kelsey L Mason, Kyle W. McCauley, Kelley A. Nesselroad, Wyatt Nutter, Samuel J. Smith, Brittany P. Stephens, Sara D. Stover, Wade A. Thrash, Jacob T. Wigal, Hannah M. Wigal, and Laura Wood.

United Bank also administers the Adeline Nugent Educational Prize Trust. Nugent was an area educator and a leading citizen in the community.

She left a portion of her estate in trust to aid boys and girls in the area. Under the provisions of the trust, awards are made to one student annually.

This scholarship is awarded to a boy or girl going into the 9th grade at Parkersburg High and currently attending VanDevender, Hamilton or Jackson Middle Schools.

The 2013 Adeline Nugent Educational Prize Fund award was given to Michael Robertson of VanDevender Middle School.

The young man who has been selected for the award works very hard in school with specific emphasis in mathematics, has a great attitude, is polite and respectful, is involved in his church and volunteers at a local hospital.

The recipient is selected on the basis of intelligence, integrity, academic achievements and activity.