Obama should bypass Congress

Admittedly I am not familiar with Barack Obama’s choices for the NLRB. They may, or may not, be poor selections. But I must take exception with your closing comments. “Thumbing his nose at the Senate” and “Neither Democrats nor Republicans in the Senate should tolerate that.”

Let me remind you of a couple of important points. First, the nation elected Barack Obama and a majority of Democrats in the Senate. Secondly, Mitch and friends have used the filibuster a record 386 times (as of four months ago) allowing the minority to rule the roost. So when it comes to “thumbing noses,” the minority in the Senate does a pretty darn good job of showing the nation how its done.

And Republicans are constantly whining “Where’s the leadership?” Of course they’re not going to ask “Where’s the obstruction?”

Personally, I’d like to see Barack Obama bypass the Senate on everything – and the House too!

Don C. Lowe