A poor solution for the problem

I am writing in response to your column on June 9, where you stated the solution to the animal control problem in Wood County is to create a facility, maintained and operated by the county that would euthanize after five days. I feel this is the wrong solution for many reasons, a few of which are:

1. The county would have to build a suitable facility and hire new people at taxpayer’s expense when there is already a facility (the humane society shelter) with dedicated employees.

2. No individual who cares or loves animals would work in a situation like this…so just imagine what care these animals would receive in their last five days.

3. Most importantly … precious lives would be lost without a chance. Imagine if Mr. Smith, were the one who had to choose which dogs should be euthanized after five days. Would you pick Rusty, the adorable 5-year-old Jack Russell who loves his toys so much he hides them? Or would it be Ozzie, the gorgeous 2-year-old Lab mix who looks right in your eyes as if to say, “I so want a forever home”? Or would you choose Belle, the beautiful soft coated fox hound? Her pleading eyes would look at you as if to say, “I just need someone to love me.”

And I could go on and on.

That is why many caring people in our community are seeking other avenues to solve this overpopulation problem and we so need the support of the county in addition to the funds that we work very hard to raise. Thankfully, the commission extended the funding for two more years and hopefully for many more. I feel that your comments, Mr. Smith, disappointingly set us back in that department.

We, (volunteers, staff, board and kind and generous supporters in our community), are working toward a positive solution by building a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, funded by private donations and fundraising events. Spaying and neutering, finding homes for the homeless, sending to rescues, fostering, are all positive solutions that take the commitment of the entire community.

Please come visit the shelter and see first hand the beautiful, loving animals that you are callously dismissing with the power of your pen.

Donna Shaver