Harris ends Sookie Stackhouse series

No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris ends her Sookie Stackhouse series with “Dead Ever After.”

Sookie’s trying to pick up the pieces after her last adventure involving her fairy relatives and a breakup with her boyfriend after saving her friend, Sam. Her vampire boyfriend, Eric, is angry she didn’t use the piece of fairy magic she had for his benefit and used it to save her coworker and friend Sam from death. He believes Sam wants Sookie, but they’ve been friends for years, so that’s not true, is it? While ending things with Eric is getting messy, Sookie’s world is turned upside down when old friend and now enemy Arlene shows up wanting her job back. Sookie turns her down, and Arlene ends up dead – and Sookie is the main suspect! Who is framing Sookie? What do they want? And when all of her friends and old flames rally around to save her, who does Sookie’s heart truly belong to?

I thought this was a great way for the series to end, everything seemed wrapped up pretty well and Sookie was left in a good place. While her relationships have been up and down, it seems like she might be in a good one at last.

“Dead Ever After” is published by Ace. It is $27.95 and 338 pages long.


New York Times bestselling author Simon R. Green returns to his Secret Histories series with “Casino Infernale.”

Eddie Drood and his girlfriend, Molly Metcalf, have recently had a falling out with Eddie’s family, the infamous Droods who keep all of humanity safe. But as Eddie soon learns, you’re never entirely out of the family. Eddie and Molly are needed to help stop a world war by tracking down the Crow Lee Inheritance before some truly dark forces do. A secret meeting to Mars ends with a plan – Eddie and Molly must infiltrate Casino Infernale, a deadly game ran by the Shadow Bank, and break the bank so no one can fund anyone hunting for the inheritance. But the casino isn’t an ordinary one – it deals in souls. And Eddie and Molly are about to find how deadly it can be…

The James Bond meets supernatural mix of Eddie’s story are always a pleaser, as is Green’s writing style in all his series, a mix of dark wit and pulse-pounding action.

“Casino Infernale” is published by Roc. It is $26.95 and 374 pages long.

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